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Summer is gone for another year. With the appearance of the first storms in September, we feel less and less like training outdoors and the search for alternatives for autumn and, above all, for winter begins. From the Ciudad de Murcia Swimming Club we want to show you a series of  benefits of swimming in winter .

Why should you practice swimming all year round?

Swimming is not a practice that everyone contemplates when winter arrives. The rains or the cold temperatures mean that many athletes take advantage of this time to ride a bike, run or go to the gym. But if you think about it, where are you going to be better than in an indoor pool? In addition to being protected from the cold of winter, swimming  with Lifeguard Training at this time will help you release daily stress, keep fit, improve your technique and all without having to resort to running as an alternative to aerobic exercise. So now you know, put on your  training swimsuit , grab your towel and go to the nearest heated pool.

What are its benefits?

Release the stress of everyday life

Swimming in the coldest time of the year is a very relaxing activity. Submerging ourselves in a heated pool, protected from the cold outside and swimming at a slow pace will give us a  relaxing effect , ideal for getting rid of the stress produced at work. In case you still did not know, when swimming we manage to  release substances  that we have produced in excess during the day, such as  cortisol  or  adrenaline , related to  stress .

Practicing basic styles such as  front crawl ,  butterfly  or  backstroke  helps to release tension knots in key muscle areas such as the back, neck or shoulders. In addition, swimming can help you treat symptoms of anxiety and depression by generating  endorphins  and other hormones that produce pleasant sensations and well-being.

Alternatives to running for aerobic exercise

The most common form of aerobic exercise for many athletes is  running . In winter it can be more difficult to put on your shoes due to bad weather. If you live in the Canary Islands you can often go running, but if you live in the north of Spain, the temperatures are lower, the rains more common and the hours of daylight decrease day by day. And of course, the desire to go out and hit the shoes are not the same.

The perfect alternative to continue our resistance training is swimming. Also, if joints could talk, they’d appreciate it.

Keep fit or lose weight

A large number of muscles are involved in swimming, so it will surely help us stay fit and even lose those kilos that you have gained after the holidays. Swimming in winter  is an ideal activity to tone muscles and gain muscle  mass while burning fat. Something important if we think about the flaccidity that usually remains after weight loss.

Improve stroke technique

Heated pools in winter tend to be less crowded. This time can be a good option to focus on  improving  swimming technique since we are not going to find people who can bother us. In this way you will be able to concentrate on the four main parts of the stroke such as: the position of the body, the entry of the arm into the water, the recovery of the arm on the water and the movement of the feet.

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