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As Finland is becoming one of the most desirable countries for higher education by international students, it has started offering more part-time opportunities. Such opportunities help the students manage their finances just by earning a few extra bucks while enjoying their social life. However, some students also wish to gain practical exposure in their respective fields by taking up related part-time jobs.

Working part time in Finland as students in 2022

Working in Finland while studying is a good way to learn more about the Finnish culture and build networks outside your university. However, universities allow students to work 25 hours per week, whereas during summer vacations you can take full-time roles too.

How to find part time jobs in Finland

Mainly there are three platforms, LinkedIn, College Career Cells, Local Industries, where you can look for part-time jobs and refine your search to your specific field as well. However, to get the suitable job you must prepare a profile, which includes your resume, college identity card, etc.


You may also look for competitive pay, which will help you choose the right job for you. In fact, job announcements are advertised through publications on different websites. There are also government websites or portals like TE services that offer suitable jobs for students.


If you wish to go for private companies, institutions, organisations, then you refer to job search pages like Monster, Adecco, The Hub, Barrona, etc. These will help you compare various jobs and make the right decision.


Still there are students who want to look for jobs related to their field of study so that while earning a pocket money they get practical exposure too. Some degrees in Finland have an ever increasing demand, like IT, tourism, healthcare, etc. It is possible that you are required to speak Finnish language or at least know the basics to deal with customers.

Types of part time jobs available in Finland

Several opportunities are available for students in Finland to undertake part-time jobs. Some of these opportunities include:


  1. Teaching Jobs: You can choose your favourite subjects and give after school tuitions to kids or higher school students. This will help you polish your communication and interpersonal skills.
  2. Catering staff: If you are looking for flexible and on-call jobs, then working as a catering staff is a good option for you. Since these jobs are located in different corners of the city, you will get a chance to explore things.
  3. Frontdesk Associate: Working as a frontdesk associate will help you hone your skills and connect with people from different backgrounds. You can definitely go for this job if you love addressing people and motivating them.
  4. English tutor: Since English is a global language, many people don’t have the budget to join those expensive institutes to learn it. Therefore, there are good chances that you will get a good pay for teaching English to Finnish people.
  5. Sales Associate: Another good option is working as a Sales Associate. You will have fixed working hours with a reasonable salary.
  6. Library assistant: If you’re someone who’s very much interested in reading books, working at a library even as a part time job could be your dream. Here, you will get to enhance your knowledge while earning a decent salary. However, having a good knowledge about books could be an add-on for getting this job.




These part-time jobs can help you earn an average salary between 9-13 euros per hour depending on the sector they’re working in. In Finland, there are two seasons when the employers look for recruits, first is before the winter break and the other is before the summer break. Therefore, during such times you will get more opportunities with better advantages, still you must prepare and apply for these jobs well in advance.





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