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If you want to offset some of your living and tuition costs as an international student, finding a part-time job in Spain is excellent. While Spain has cheaper study and living costs than many other nations, part-time work in Spain assists Indian students to maintain a higher level of life.

In Spain, a few rules govern part-time occupations for students. International students are permitted to work while on their student visas throughout their studies. The maximum amount of time allowed per week is 20 hours. However, non-EU students face more red tape than their EU colleagues when it comes to part-time jobs. For the term of your visa, you can only work part-time. Employers must apply for approval to hire overseas workers through Spain’s Foreign Nationals Office.

Types of part-time jobs in Spain:

International students can find part-time work in restaurants, pubs, hotels, theme parks, and other tourist attractions. Another option for hopefuls is to work as an au pair. With a TEFL certificate, you can work for the British Council’s scheme (English Language Assistants in Spain) or find alternative work.


Those who do not know Spanish might apply for part-time employment such as babysitting, which pays between 8 and 9 euros per hour. You can easily earn up to 16 Euros per hour by becoming certified as a fitness trainer. You can also make a comparable amount of money as a social media specialist, earning 16 Euros per hour.

Top 5 part-time jobs in Spain:

With perseverance and patience, you can locate many part-time jobs in Spain. Following your school curriculum while working a job can be a challenging task in some situations. Therefore, you should begin your search as soon as possible. You can work as an instructor, IT support, social media professional, or even at hotels and tourist attractions. Let’s discuss the top 5 part-time jobs that you can do in Spain:

1.   Business Consultant

Spain is home to a large number of global corporations, which necessitates the use of business consultants on a regular basis. You can work as a consultant, a collections manager, or an international financial director in the finance industry.

2.   Customer service

Customer service-related job postings are a systematic approach to starting your career search. Because of on-the-job training and flexible work arrangements, customer service jobs are frequently part-time and suitable for first-time job seekers. It’s a terrific way to pick up a variety of transferrable skills, and some companies even provide further training or professional development to help you advance your career. This could be an area of interest if you enjoy connecting with people and are concerned about how they are greeted.

3.   Book Keeper

Working as a bookkeeper might be a terrific profession for you if you have a strong understanding of mathematics and how to use Microsoft Office products. In addition, you might earn approximately €16 per hour if you work long hours.

4.   Babysitter

If you enjoy working with children and want to earn money simultaneously, this is the job for you. When the parents of the children are away for work or something else, you can be hired to babysit them during the day or at night. Every hour, you can earn approximately €9.

5.   Tutor

If there was a subject that piqued your attention during your school years, you could tutor in that subject. It would be easier for you to obtain more students based on your performance in the topic. With this work, you may earn €15 per hour.


International students frequently seek part-time work to help pay for their tuition and living expenses while in the country. However, while part-time jobs can help you meet your study and living expenses, you will still have to spend a significant amount out of your cash (or a study loan). On the other hand, part-time jobs in Spain can help you improve your financial situation.


A student can make around 20 Euros per hour in a part-time job. This will help you earn between 15-20 Euros (INR 1500-1700). However, each week, the maximum number of hours worked cannot exceed 20. In an ideal scenario, working 80-90 hours per month would result in a monthly income of 1,600-1,800 Euros, or around INR 1.35 lakh to INR 1.52 lakh. However, this could change depending on how long you’re permitted to work in the end and several other circumstances.



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