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In the United Kingdom (United Kingdom), an MBA (Master of Business Administration) usually lasts 12 months. However, other universities, such as London Business School, offer programmes that last more than a year. Many colleges in the United Kingdom offer MBA programmes, with fees ranging from £23,000 to £90,000. The University of Warwick, University of Oxford, University of Edinburgh, and the University of Cambridge are among the top institutions in the UK that offer MBA programmes.

A relevant bachelor’s degree, GMAT scores, and job experience are required for admission to MBA programs at B-schools in the United Kingdom. To study MBA in the United Kingdom, you must have a bachelor’s degree with a grade point average of 60% or higher. While a GMAT score is preferred, many universities offer MBA programs without it. In addition, some colleges in the United Kingdom accept students who have no prior work experience and want to study MBA.



Why should you study MBA in the UK?

Popularity: The United Kingdom is Europe’s most popular MBA study destination, with 10 business schools ranking in the top 50. – The 2020 Financial Times Global MBA Ranking


Indian connection: Because the United Kingdom has a large Indian community, it is the most appealing location for Indian students.


Employment: As the world’s top finance and banking center, the United Kingdom has a plethora of career options.


Hub of world’S best business schools: The United Kingdom is home to the world’s best business schools. Some colleges offer MBA programs to students who have no prior work experience.

Top 5 MBA in the UK

Let’s start with some of the top-ranked universities in the United Kingdom that offer MBA programs. The best B-schools in the UK based on The Financial Times Business School Rankings (2021), their program fees, and the time it takes to finish the program are listed below:

1.   London Business School

The Federal University of London’s London Business School (LBS) is a business school and a constituent institution. LBS was created in 1964 and offers post-graduate degrees in management and finance and MBA and Ph.D. programs.

2.   Cambridge Judge Business School

Cambridge Judge Business School is the University of Cambridge’s business school. The School is a provider of management education and is consistently regarded as one of the world’s top business schools, with Bloomberg, the Financial Times, BusinessInsider, US News & World Report, and Forbes Magazine ranking the Cambridge MBA program among the best in the world.

3.   Said Business School

The University of Oxford’s Said Business School (Oxford Said or SBS) is a business school. The School provides management education and is routinely regarded as one of the top business schools in the world.

4.   Alliance Manchester Business School

The Alliance Manchester Business School (Alliance MBS) is the University of Manchester’s business school in Manchester, England. It is one of the most prestigious business schools in the United Kingdom and the second oldest and offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and executive education.

5.   Warwick Business School

The Warwick Business School (WBS) is an academic department of Warwick University’s Faculty of Social Sciences, founded in 1967 as the School of Industrial and Business Studies. WBS is routinely listed among the best business schools in the world.

MBA for Indian Students:

For many Indian students, an MBA in the United Kingdom is a godsend. The MBA program in the United Kingdom lasts one year and is significantly less expensive than in the United States. To study MBA in the United Kingdom, students must have a minimum of two years of work experience. The following are some of the criteria for an MBA in the United Kingdom for Indian students:


  • A bachelor’s degree is required, and a significant amount of job experience is preferred.
  • Students must have a competitive GMAT Exam Score to be considered.
  • Students must present their IELTS results.
  • Whether you write MBA essays or a personal statement is determined by the universities you choose.
  • A referral letter

The candidates are contacted for an interview after the admissions committee has evaluated and approved these documents.


For two key reasons, international students choose MBA in the United Kingdom as their preferred professional path. The first is the more significant return on investment, while the second is the short duration. Within a year, an MBA graduate can earn significantly more money. Even if a loan is given, students will be able to repay it more easily with such a large income package. Following Brexit, UK organizations prefer overseas students from China and India. For MBA graduates in the UK, there are a variety of high-paying jobs available.


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