Cyber security is a thorough term and it is all about keeping the organization’s network security strong. As businesses are using the internet for their activities one of the major problems that they have to face is cyber threats. The thing is, the internet is just like the real world except, hiding your identity is easier which hackers mostly do so they can perform data leakage or security breach. The goal is to gain access to sensitive business data. This is why conducting cyberattack testing is a great way to determine the network security strength against cyber threats.

The organization wants to make sure that its network security is intact but the in-house team cannot perform everything because for several reasons including lack of exposure to the latest phishing or DDoS techniques. Cyberattack simulation on the other hand can provide you with accurate data regarding your cyber security strategy. This data is crucial to determine what and how you should be doing to enhance the security posture. Here is why it is important.

Assess the Network Security Capabilities

No organization in this world can claim that they have the best of the best security system. Though they have the latest one but the fact is, no technology is perfect. This is why having regular testing to make sure you are aware of the latest situation of your security system is crucial. This can be done by running the red teaming simulation on multiple levels. This test will mimic the action of real-world hackers that they will do to perform the hacking attack.

In this way, you will have real-world statistics regarding your network security capabilities. Such assessment will help the in-house experts to learn about the parts where they are lacking and where their strategies are doing excel.

Learn About the Security Performance

Organizations are sparing dedicated funds for the improvement of their cyber security network. But the problem is there is no practical way for any organization to learn about the actual performance of their security network like adversary simulation.

This can provide you the real-time performance statistics about the security network of the organization from the application, and network to the devices connected. This data can directly be shown to the stakeholders and CEO of the company to take quick steps to come up with a strategy from workforce improvement to technological improvements.

Expert’s Feedback

Nothing can beat the importance of feedback from cybersecurity experts. Cyberattack testing from a third-party expert is far better than your in-house team. It doesn’t mean that your security team isn’t doing great but they will not have the experience of a third-party expert. They have years of experience in performing cyberattack testing and learning about different kinds of hacking attacks, their ethical hackers will know the latest ways to exploit the security. They know remediation techniques to avoid cyber-attacks.

When your team will be working beside the experts on adversary simulation then they will get the feedback from experts regarding the performance of their security network, strategies, and where they should be working more. This will provide you an edge over your competitors and even they will learn about your strategies to perform security gap analysis for their security improvements.

Maximum Business Continuity

Performing the cyberattack simulation will not only let you understand your network security capabilities but you will have the opportunity to continue your business 24/7. Sure, you will need to have an available network, resources, and data all the time but it is only possible if your network isn’t interrupted. A single disruption can leave a negative impact on your business continuity and at minimum, your business will need at least 18hours to recover from a cyberattack.

Running the hacking simulation will let you know about the potential threats and security vulnerabilities and will assure you that the business activities will not suffer from unexpected downtimes. In other words, such simulations can also be the continuity audit for your business.

Non-Technical Staff Training

When it comes to training your staff that doesn’t have any idea about cyber security and cyber threats, they will need to have separate training sessions and spend time either more than their shift or within the business hours. Both can be daunting and resources consuming. On the other hand, the expert red teaming simulation will help you to train your staff regarding security threats and vulnerabilities while doing their job.

They will have a valuable learning experience from the leaders of the industry that have years of experience to fight against DDoS attacks and other cyberattacks. They will get an idea of how an attack can start and how impactful it can be. Such as phishing attack simulation, where they will be provided with suspicious emails with malware or malicious link that can lead to severe consequences.

Perform Advanced Hacking Attacks

Not all cyber-attacks are the same and so are the hackers. Hackers perform cyberattacks according to their experiments. On the other hand, cyberattack simulations perform hacking attacks from their latest data which means they can perform the advanced level cyber-attacks that your in-house team of security experts may not know about. The advanced cyberattacks will let you know the most capability of your network security.

Having such information, your experts will have an idea regarding their working and non-working strategies. They can work on improving the network security be it by hiring a workforce, software updates, changing configuration, and authorization. The advanced cyber-attack simulation will help you to make your security network next level secure.

Bottom Line

No technology in the world is perfect and it is ever-evolving. If you have top-notch network security a few months back then it will have developed some security flaws and vulnerabilities.  Instead of relying on the reports of in-house network security experts, performing the regular cyberattack drill will give you a better idea of how your network security is working and what improvements it will require. Doing this is a great way to not only improve your security posture but you will e prepared in advance for cyberattacks.

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